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Some of us are devoted to self-mastery and work really hard to create our greatest life. But frustrating setbacks or dramas can get in the way, draining our time and energy (while making us doubt ourselves).

Let’s change that.

Together, you and I can clear the unseen patterns that have been keeping you stuck.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients break free of old patterns and go on to embody their true potential and live their dreams.

My work focuses on efficient, graceful transformations that last.

I integrate Hakomi (a gentle, somatic form of therapy) and Family Constellation Therapy (brings peace and vital energy through our ancestry and family line) – two of the most powerful modalities for freedom and empowerment.

Write me here and we’ll set up a time to speak!

I’ve often recommended Lexi for my clients with astoundingly positive results. She’s a true healer whose integrity, care and experience help my clients to feel safe, and most importantly bring about vital shifts in their level of wellbeing and functioning. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

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