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Transformational Therapies to help conscious women dive deep into the powerful forces of childhood and family connections so they can clear old, unwanted patterns at the root and realize their full potential.


I understand the drive to live a boundless, vibrant, fully-aligned life. You’re an old soul, ever-devoted to your own awakening and to being a force for good in the world.

The challenge is that being consciously tuned in and awake means that you also have a heightened sense of discomfort when you’re blocked or stuck, feel emotionally reactive, and aren’t able to show up from a strong center, with a clear mind and open heart.

That’s why I’m devoted to helping you clear old patterns, so you’re free to live your best life and elevate what’s possible in your work and relationships.

My work focuses on efficient, graceful transformations that last. I integrate Hakomi (a gentle, somatic form of therapy) and Family Constellation Therapy (brings peace and vital energy through our ancestry and family line). These are two of the most powerful modalities for clarity and empowerment.

Reach out to me – I’d love to meet you!

Lexi facilitates this work with the same respectfulness she brings to every interaction.

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