(by avoiding the 5 most common obstacles)

When you need to be done with…

...putting others' needs before your own,

...working hard to be loved,

...getting drained by drama,

...carrying heavy emotional burdens,

...and settling for soooo much less than you deserve…

...let's talk.

I help women leave behind repeating patterns (like over-responsibility, relationship issues, burdens of fear or shame, etc.) and fulfill their sacred intentions (for love, family, authenticity, prosperity, and more). 

We get to the root causes of unwanted circumstances (whether those are ancestral, childhood, past life, etc.) and shift these roots at their core.

I work remotely with private clients around the world, integrating Hakomi (a gentle, body-focused form of therapy) and Constellation Therapy (resolves entanglements with ancestors and family, or past life events) to support a very real, embodied shift in wellbeing and life circumstances.

I also bring small groups of women together virtually for 6-month pilgrimages to learn The Eleusis Method®, a radical and graceful way of life that enables you to reclaim your magic and reconnect with a loving universe - one that moves in your favor and supports your greatest destiny.

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