It’s time to be wildly transparent.

As you know, my intention was to write last week with details about the changes happening in my business. Once the writing began though, I knew I had to come from a really authentic (also, tender) place. It took time to tune in and write from the heart….

I want to be real with you. The last few years have kicked my ass.

Many of you know about the wonderful things that have happened in my life (getting married, buying a new home, and so on). But what you probably don’t know is that this time has also been filled with overwhelm: moving out of state and becoming a full-time step mom overnight, losing one of my best friends to suicide (and helping to prepare her body), undergoing abdominal surgery, planning a wedding, supporting my husband through two contentious custody battles, having a bad reaction to fertility treatment, and more – all the while, balancing a growing client base.

If you’ve got a sensitive nervous system and trauma in your past, then you know what it’s like. You get to a certain point and you stop handling ANY stress well.

In January, my adrenals gave out. In February, I developed two monster ovarian cysts. And in May, intense anxiety gave me chronic and gripping chest pain.

I couldn’t understand why this was all happening. Why now? The call of a changing world was already ramped up and hitting my heart big time – from politics to nature to international relations. Intense contrast was everywhere. Old paradigm versus new paradigm. Humanity versus nature. Fear versus love.

I was eager to contribute in a positive way….to continue sharing my work with more people, to hold bigger space for family and friends, to give more to my community. But instead, my body was breaking down and now I…. just. couldn’t.

It was like I’d woken up in the wrong movie. I was supposed to be having this great life and serving others at a higher level than ever. But I was being held back by some invisible barrier, unable to offer the gifts my soul came into this life to share.

Since I’ve been through dark nights like this before, I knew that freedom would only come if I were willing to go deeper than positive thinking and invest more of myself than simply getting the next breakthrough supplement.

So I did it.

I prayed…..the BIG prayer: CHANGE ME into someone who can heal this. (Rather than making my life easier,) TRANSFORM ME into someone who is able to have a different experience than this.

A New Day

Sure enough, that’s exactly what began happening. New healers, new information, new support, and crystal clear insights entered my life. Transformations in my mind and spirit led to transformations in my body and outer world. My own personal healing and therapy sessions deepened. Old thought forms and limiting behaviors began to unravel and leave me lighter.

I am not living on easy street and there’s continued work to be done, but I once again feel internally aligned, living on purpose, focused and able to make time and space for my biggest priorities. I’m also now showing up for my clients and loved ones in an even more empowered, attuned and impactful way.

Moving forward

This past year has solidified my knowing that my soul is here for a reason.

Do you feel that way too?

Our future is unknown, but it has the possibility to be amazing. Life on earth is so intense right now, and a rapid evolution of consciousness is happening all over.

That’s why my commitment to helping you clear away unconscious and ancestral patterns is stronger than ever. I’m devoted to assist you in letting go of entanglements with the past (yours and your family’s) so you can fully express the love and service your soul came here for.

If you’ve recently set an intention to embody a higher way of being, you might notice that like me, you’ve also been met with unexpected issues to work through. This is normal.

The longing to spread our wings wider and fly higher always begins a time of alchemy. We become acutely aware of experiences that show us where our spiritual and emotional work is, and we have an opportunity to do the deep healing that will enable us to truly serve and thrive.


This sacred shapeshifting and evolution is a process that I often walk my clients through and it’s one that I’m devoted to being a safe, caring guide for. If you are ready to call forth more love in your life and offer your gifts in a bigger way, I invite you to learn about my newest two offerings (scroll down).

In the words of a hero of mine: When we come together, there is nothing we cannot do.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, and I hope to be a positive part of yours. Before I sign off, I’d like to leave you with week’s Kind Line message: You Are Powerful.

With love, Lexi

Come join me in sacred space to unwind entanglements with the past, so you can be fully alive, fully on-purpose, and fully expressed in your potential.



6 Months. 19 sessions. A life-changing opportunity to explore your hidden world and thoroughly up-level a major area of your relationships, work and life.


We’ll begin by clarifying your intentions and creating a Genogram (family history chart) to map the extraordinary circumstances that have impacted you, your family and your ancestors. Then we integrate a combination of Family Constellation Therapy and Hakomi Therapy to lovingly go thread-by-thread through the tapestry of your current challenges and desires. With each session, we transform another burden from the past and enable it to become blessing of strength, wisdom and love. By the end of our journey, you have stronger roots and are able to embody a higher vision.



~ A 90-Min Insight / Strategy Session

~ 8 Family Constellation Sessions

~ 8 Hakomi Sessions

~ 45-Minute Mid-Program Assessment

~ 1 x 30-minute SOS Call Per Month

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With the help of a skilled guide and a sacred, dedicated retreat space, you know you could uncover missing pieces and integrate shifts that would allow for positive movement.


Join me for two days to be held in a safe, loving, confidential container intentionally designed for big alchemy.



~ A 90-Min Insight / Strategy Session

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~ 2 Hakomi Sessions

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screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-9-16-12-amI’ve experienced Lexi’s profoundly transformational work in my own life, and in the lives of various family members. Therefore, I’ve often recommended her for my clients with astoundingly positive results. She’s a true healer whose integrity, care and experience help my clients to feel safe, and most importantly bring about vital shifts in their level of wellbeing and functioning. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Carla Savetsky, Holistic Health & Transformational Coach



My work with Lexi is always effective. She helps me get clear on what’s important down at my core, and then focuses all her attention, wisdom and skill on helping me to shift that area in positive ways.

Cassadra Wass, Author and Spiritual Organizing Expert



screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-9-42-49-amTHIS is the most effective modality I’ve ever worked with. My work with Lexi has changed my life and helped me personally heal my relationships with family, friends and significant others.

Aline Marie, Yoga Teacher Trainer & Visionary Artist