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Your Answer Might Be This (Surprising)

The last few weeks I've been talking about the 5 key areas to explore when you’re stuck in an old life pattern or loop of experience.   Today, I'll share in detail about the 5th and final one.   Here is a quick recap of all 5 key areas: Your conscious mind Your nervous system and unconscious [...]


Your Ancestry or Past Lives Might Be Holding You Back

The last few weeks I've been talking about the 5 key areas to explore when you’re stuck in a frustrating life pattern.   Today, I'll share in detail about the 3rd and 4th key areas.   Here is a quick recap of all 5: 1. Your conscious mind 2. Your nervous system and unconscious 3. [...]


The 5 Keys That Will Set You Free (Deep Dive on #1 and #2)

Last week I wrote about the five key areas you need to do personal work in when you’re stuck in a frustrating life pattern - and are serious about getting out.   To recap, the 5 Key Areas are: Your conscious mind Your nervous system and unconscious The collective field of your immediate family and [...]


Why You’re Still Stuck – and the 5 Keys That Will Set You Free

I truly know how frustrating it can be when you've done lots of personal work and still feel stuck in the same loop.   Don't worry.   You're not broken or defective, you’re not being punished, and you’re not destined to be stuck in this forever. Everything you’ve done up to this point has NOT [...]


A Game-Changing Analogy for Moving Beyond Any Stuck Pattern

A lot of clients come to me after spending thousands of dollars and many years working on themselves.   They’ve done talk therapy, gone to spiritual retreats, you name it.   And they’re frustrated that they still feel stuck – maybe they grapple with feeling unworthy or they carry around a heavy weight of grief [...]


Prepare for Your Miracle (+ an Invitation)

Are you ever astonished (and frustrated) to find yourself in the same kinds of scenarios... ...having the same discomforts you’ve had a hundred times before... ...even though you’ve already spent tons of time and resources working to make yourself better?   Maybe you’ve spent years – decades – doing everything from talk therapy to positive [...]


You’ll Love This Game

Recently, I was featured as an expert in a Bustle article about fun ways to make your relationship stronger.   In it, I share a favorite game my husband and I play. It's something you can do with your partner as well (or any loved one) while taking a walk together, sitting around the dinner [...]


This Uncommon Insight Will Help You Be More at Ease

  My teacher has a saying:   When someone finds their place in their family, they find their place in the world.   The truth is that you have a unique place in your family of origin. You’re not just part of that family, you are your mother’s daughter, or your father’s son. You are [...]


How To Trust Yourself Again

Is there something you really want right now - like, to be in a loving partnership, run your dream business, or feel welcomed into a loving circle of friends – BUT you’ve been hurt in the past and are scared to put yourself out there again?   I hear this over and over from clients – [...]


A Simple, Unexpected Moment That Changed Everything

  You never know when light will shine into your life and alter your course.   I can remember being in my early twenties, living in the city and coming home after another long night out. An afternoon bike ride had turned into meeting friends for dinner, which turned into stopping by our favorite neighborhood [...]

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