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Why I Almost Left My Husband

  I want to share a personal (somewhat uncomfortable) love story with you.   When my husband and I were first dating, it was a situation I would have urged any friend to leave.   Our relationship started off with a bang! I’d just moved to San Diego and went out with him on a [...]


Why Some Women Have Great Relationships (It’s Not What You Think!)

  When it comes to being with a partner, how do you want to feel?   If you’re like me, you want to be with a man you respect and desire, who is also devoted to you.   You don’t want to play games, re-enact childhood dramas, feel weighted down, dim your light, squelch your [...]


When Drama Heats Up, Remember This!

Sometimes a repetitive pattern from the past re-emerges with furious intensity.   A promising new relationship hits the rails, and you're alone again before you know what happened. A colleague publicly throws you under the bus and puts your reputation at risk. Your ex takes you back to court and all your survival fears come [...]


Turn Tragedy into a Legacy of Love

When you hear of a massive tragedy like mass shootings or floods, what goes on inside you….Does your heart sink? Does time slow down? Do you feel disoriented and confused?   After the initial shock wears off, maybe you're unsure how to relate with what happened.   Should you post about it on social media? [...]


3 Free Resources for Extra Support

Our skies here in Southern Oregon have been filled with smoke from the forest fires that surround our small valley. It's been this way for weeks, with no sign of letting up.   You can probably imagine the vibe. The dark smoky haze gives tangible form to a gloom many of us are feeling. We're [...]

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How To Be Lucky (Featuring: Guest Post by Flora Elmore)

When I was 22 years old, my brother won $20,000 (not a typo) on a scratch ticket. And get this - the next week, he won another $500.   As exciting as this was, it was not totally unheard of in my family. I come from a line of gamblers - lucky ones at that. [...]


How To Follow Through on What Matters to You

  Can you relate to any of these?   You know you should cut back on sugar …dive deep into your writing …exercise more …reach out to friends more …start (or finish) that creative project   BUT….Life happens. Time flies.   There are family responsibilities, work commitments, rainy days and Netflix. And honestly, we can [...]


What Your Strong Emotion Might Mean – and What To Do About It

  If you're like me, you're well past the point of pretending everything’s fine, when it isn’t.   You do your best to honor what you feel and express it in self-responsible ways. You journal, dance, chant, tap along your meridians, attend a sweat, talk it out with a friend.   But what about when [...]


Reclaim The Feminine: An Invitation For 20 Women

UPDATE: Special offer closed.   I’ve been on a surprising and somewhat hidden journey the last couple of months. Have worked with two alchemists, a trans-gendered witch-hunter, an orphaned child slave, a deposed queen, a Pakistani child-bride, Siamese-twins and more.   Sound crazy?   Hear me out.   But first….I need to back up a [...]

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3 Steps To Regain Your Power – Starting Now

It can be scary to stand in our power. To ask for what we want. To share our point of view. To declare that our work has value. To tell our partner or our children, “No,” that we need time for ourselves.   The stakes feel so high.   We avoid expressing our most unapologetic [...]

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