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with change comes evolution

When I was a girl, my family traveled a lot. Wherever we were, from Greece to The Bahamas, I’d spend hours alone swimming at the ocean. At some beaches, the water was clear and calm. At other places, it swirled wildly with huge waves. I wasn’t afraid of anything! The sea was a wonderland to [...]


Are you in good company? (Why it matters & how to be sure)

Talk to anyone who has achieved a great deal and they’ll remind you how critical it is to be selective about who you spend time with. I learned this myself (the hard way). Here’s my story — along with a few tips to help you determine whether someone’s good company or not. In my 20's, [...]


Why I love feeling needy

It used to scare me to feel needy – and especially to risk appearing that way to someone else.   Maybe you can relate....   The man I was dating would express a need for space, and I'd pretend I was too cool to care. Or, a new girlfriend would blow me off for a [...]


The secret ingredient to great and lasting love

So many of us deeply desire a committed, loving relationship, but we can also feel confused about how to make one last. Fortunately, there’s a key that’s not often discussed but has a huge impact on the long-term potential of every partnership. It’s the quality of respect. When relationships break down, you can bet the [...]


Which Hidden Family Pattern Affects You & Your Loved Ones?

We’re in the darkest days of the year – a time for moving inward, being quiet and reflective, nourishing ourselves with warmth and calm. And yet, there’s so much pressure to go out and shop, spend our energy and resources, engage with others in large gatherings. Rather than slogging through the rest of the season [...]


You’re Not Crazy! + My Surprisingly Helpful Dream About Rats

At least once a week, I have a client who feels adrift, alone or deeply conflicted and asks, "Am I'm crazy?" My answer - because it's true, not because I want to placate them - has always been: No, you're not crazy. Too many of us have gone through our lives being told that we [...]


Quiz – Is This One Thing Throwing Your Love Life into Chaos?

If you find love to be a confusing thing and wonder if it's ever going to happen for you, take this quiz! You may discover the key to your relationship challenges - and find out what to do about it: Do you have a pattern of dating men who won't commit or be monogamous? Do [...]


Women, Know Your Place

There is a saying in the Family Constellation community: When someone finds their place in their family, they find their place in the world. The title of this article isn't promoting that demeaning, belittling saying about women needing to know their place. What I'm talking about here is something far more powerful and valuable: When [...]


Approach Your Crisis Like a Huntress

Sometimes life gets intense – really intense. The ex who just broke your heart is now sleeping with your 23-year old mentee. You drew boundaries with a pushy client and now she’s badmouthing you to important colleagues. You’re in the middle of a custody battle and your co-parent lies in court and manipulates your kids. [...]


I Just Got Married!

My partner, Mark and I exchanged vows on Saturday, and it was the most unexpectedly wonderful day of my life. The event wasn't what I'd wanted. Instead of being a small, intimate ceremony between the two of us, it became an affair with catering, table centerpieces, and many months of planning and overwhelm. We did [...]

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