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You’ll Love This Game

Recently, I was featured as an expert in a Bustle article about fun ways to make your relationship stronger.   In it, I share a favorite game my husband and I play. It's something you ...

This Uncommon Insight Will Help You Be More at Ease

  My teacher has a saying:   When someone finds their place in their family, they find their place in the world.   The truth is that you have a unique place in your family ...

How To Trust Yourself Again

Is there something you really want right now - like, to be in a loving partnership, run your dream business, or feel welcomed into a loving circle of friends – BUT you’ve been hurt in the ...

A Simple, Unexpected Moment That Changed Everything

  You never know when light will shine into your life and alter your course.   I can remember being in my early twenties, living in the city and coming home after another long night ...

Why I Almost Left My Husband

  I want to share a personal (somewhat uncomfortable) love story with you.   When my husband and I were first dating, it was a situation I would have urged any friend to leave.   ...

Why Some Women Have Great Relationships (It’s Not What You Think!)

  When it comes to being with a partner, how do you want to feel?   If you’re like me, you want to be with a man you respect and desire, who is also devoted ...

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