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family constellation therapy

•    Leave behind burdens from the past (your own or your family’s)
•    Find your place in your family – and discover your place in the world
•    Receive support and nourishment from your parents and ancestors
•    Gain the blessings of prosperity, potency, wisdom, power and more
•    Pass on a healthy legacy to your children



You may be familiar with the idea of using acupuncture to clear congested energy and stimulate chi throughout the body. Well, groups of people – particularly families – also have a natural flow of energy that serves to provide each individual member with love, support, power, life force, etc.

However, when someone in a family sustains a trauma or difficult fate, and family members have NOT made peace with what happened, the flow of energy becomes disrupted. Later generations can be left hungry for vital life force, or carrying emotional burdens, dysfunctions, and unhealthy entanglements that do not belong to them.

For example…

Perhaps your mom lost a parent at an early age or had a younger brother who died from smallpox. Maybe your great grandfather immigrated to the US, leaving his entire family and beloved homeland behind. War, famine, political/civil histories (e.g., slavery, genocide, famine), estranged family members, divorce, betrayal, and so on…

These are not just 2-dimensional stories of the past. They are vital details about real world, emotional experiences in the lives of the people who affect you most.



FCT helps bring resolution to the pain and tragedy of these earlier generations so that you and your children can experience peace and wellbeing today.

Family Constellation Therapy (FCT) can be extremely helpful in addressing emotional distress, relationship difficulties, chronic physical problems and repetitive misfortunes. Often, within a day to several months of having a session done, longstanding issues will significantly lessen or disappear altogether. This is because FCT works to enable change at a deep level, where the unconscious mind is bound by family loyalty and traumas from long ago.



We work in a group setting, with representatives who will stand in as relevant family members (or other significant individuals) and report what is happening in your family’s underlying dynamic (or, “constellation”). As the session moves along, I work with the representatives to help shift your family’s energy in a way that is healthier for you and the family system as whole.

Constellations are generally done remotely, as most of my clients live far away (though you are welcome to be here in person if you’re available), and I keep you updated at every stage – both before and after the constellation. Additionally, you will receive a full, step-by-step account from me about what happened during your session. Clients are often blown away by how accurately our work reflects what has been going on in their family.

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A note of gratitude to:
Bert Hellinger, the originator of Family Constellation Therapy and a number of evolutions beyond it.
Emily Waymire, my first teacher of Family Constellation Therapy