When I was a young girl, I had lots of beautiful qualities, as we all do. I was independent, practical, thoughtful..…with a sensitive heart and a quiet nature.


The trouble was that so much about my organic way of being in the world seemed to either bore those around me or strongly agitate them. It was like I’d been dropped from outer space with no guidebook on how to interact with the locals.


I felt chronically alone, scared and defective. There were happy experiences, too. But the bad feelings were accumulating underneath the surface.


Over time, I began writing my own internal rule book by developing beliefs and behaviors that would make life more pleasant. I committed to things like not rocking the boat, not showing emotion, not asking for too much. I decided the world didn’t have enough (for me), and that the worst things I could ever be were lazy or selfish.


These beliefs and behaviors helped me navigate a world that had overwhelmed me as a child. I’m grateful for having the flexibility and ability to adapt.


But when I grew up and entered the business world, these internal commitments gave rise to stressful patterns like having toxic relationships with bosses, a difficulty leaning on others, doubts around my own worth, and fear of asking for money.


Fortunately, I discovered the work I now share with clients. Session by session, I began unraveling old wiring and building new circuits in my heart, mind and relationships.


Tasks evolved into expressions of my creativity and love. Giving and receiving took on a natural ebb and flow. I began to feel that I could be my real self in my business and success would follow.


What’s underneath the surface for you?

Regardless of how easy or difficult our childhoods were, we all created coping strategies to navigate life. Some of those have become positive tools that’ve helped you excel in certain areas of your professional life. But there are others that while they served you well in childhood, can no longer take you where you want to go.


If you’re not experiencing the level of success you long for, or if you’re feeling frustrated or held back in any way, I would bet that some of your early relationships and early experiences are continuing to affect you now.


The good news is, no matter how deeply these patterns run, it can all be shifted (and it doesn’t have to take years).


The even better news is that once you shift these patterns, you are entirely capable to have the impact and to experience the abundance (of resources and time) that you long for.


On Sunday, December 11, I’m hosting a special one-hour call and guided meditation that will give you new, metamorphic insight into your own unique challenges around work and success. We will also begin the process of transforming them.


I would love for you to join me.



Sunday, December 11 at 11am PT / 2pm ET




Love, Lexi