I fully believe your soul is here for a reason.


Your unique gifts hold enormous value to others and to our world (especially at this potent time).


But, if you’ve been offering them from a place of overwork, overwhelm or underpayment, then your vitality has probably been waning and your impact fading.


The reason is this:


You absolutely need to be able to take in order to give.


You need to be able to take time for yourself, take appreciation from others, take appropriate payment for what you offer.


You may have learned to feel uncomfortable with the idea of taking, but it is precisely this act of consciously choosing to receive that will enable you to “take in” what you truly need.


And from that place of nourishment and abundance, you can maintain true alignment with your purpose and serve others at the highest level.


This Sunday, I’m hosting a very special guided meditation and call that will help you transform the way you relate to work and success.


Will you join me?



One-Hour Guided Meditation and Call

Sunday, December 11 at 11am PT / 2pm ET



Also, I thought you might enjoy a KIND LINE message this week that speaks to your ability to call forth greater and more enjoyable success. The theme is: YOU ARE PURE POTENTIAL (Click to listen).


Love, Lexi

IMAGE CREDIT: Peace Goddess by Shepard Fairey