My partner, Mark and I exchanged vows on Saturday, and it was the most unexpectedly wonderful day of my life.

The event wasn’t what I’d wanted. Instead of being a small, intimate ceremony between the two of us, it became an affair with catering, table centerpieces, and many months of planning and overwhelm.

We did almost everything ourselves. And there were times that I knew my body was getting dangerously out of balance. No matter how happy the circumstances were, I had simply taken on too much.

One day last week, the overcommitment led to a meltdown. My neck and back went out, I had a migraine, and spent a few days crying and angry.

With the wedding fast approaching, and so many tasks still unfinished, there was only one thing left to do: PRAY. But not just any prayer. I remembered a special, powerful prayer I’d discovered a few years back during a traumatic experience. What I’d realized back then was that even though it seemed so many things were causing pain, the only thing that was really lacking was love.

I realized I could get through just about anything if I had love in my life. I needed support, kindness, someone to tell me to believe in myself and that everything would be okay.

So, the one thing I prayed for then was MORE LOVE. And as soon as this became my main prayer, everything shifted. Many miracles happened that still bless my life today.

Now last week, when I felt completely broken down and exhausted as I prepared this wedding event that was more for other people to enjoy than it was what I wanted, I remembered that simple need, and made that same heartfelt prayer: Please God, bring more love into this situation, into my life.

Again, I was blown away by the magic that followed.

On Wednesday, family and friends began arriving. And instead of adding drama, pressure or judgment, they brought gentleness and support, taking on major tasks and handling them with grace. Also, our Southern Oregon valley had been filled with smoke from nearby fires and as soon as everyone arrived, the perfect wind blew the smoke away so our skies were blue and the air was clean.

From then on, every step unfolded in the most joyful, beautiful, unforgettable way. Our wedding weekend became filled with precious memories of connection and serendipity.

Then finally, on August 9, I married one of the kindest, most caring and intelligent men I’ve ever known.

And now I will be forever grateful that we had this large wedding that he and other people wanted because it pushed me beyond my limits until I could remember that truly, the only thing we all need is love.

So my wish for you is that whenever life feels difficult, that you’ll remember this simple prayer for more love. I promise it will bring whatever gifts and blessings you need to get you through to miracles you hadn’t even seen coming.

May so much good come your way,