I’d love to paint a picture for you and see if you can relate…


You feel a deep call to serve the world. You invest time, money, and your full heart into creating and sharing offerings that help others.


At first, it feels great! You’re enthusiastic about your soul’s mission and see all the ways the world needs help and healing.


But as you put yourself out there, you also run into unexpected challenges, obstacles or draining patterns. Over time, exhaustion or self-doubt (and maybe both) wear away at your joy and vitality. You may even begin to question whether this is your path.


Of course, you have what it takes to power through…..BUT..


A deep part of you longs for your work to feel easier and have a better flow. You want to experience that harmony of alignment, when your efforts match your success and your offerings meet the people who really want and need them.


You’re deeply longing to experience a natural abundance of both resources and time.


I can totally relate.


I’ve always felt moved to impact the world positively, to share my gifts in a way that would be meaningful and uplifting.


But it was a long, exhausting road for me to begin understanding how such inspired movement towards creation and serving others could also merge with an incoming flow of me truly getting my needs met as well.


What I discovered was that….

Life and work are not separate.

Much of our unresolved personal issues from our families play out in our businesses; and our work in the world brings so much of our personal “stuff” to the surface.


When we discover and transform the deeper patterns that run within us, we’ll find it much easier to expand our impact and increase the flow of abundance in our lives.


Join me for a one-hour call and guided meditation that will give you new, metamorphic insight into the way you relate to work and success.



Sunday, December 11 at 11am PT / 2pm ET



Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing a few more posts about my own personal experience in healing my (and others’) relationship with work and success. I hope you’ll stay with me!