UPDATE: Special offer closed.


I’ve been on a surprising and somewhat hidden journey the last couple of months. Have worked with two alchemists, a trans-gendered witch-hunter, an orphaned child slave, a deposed queen, a Pakistani child-bride, Siamese-twins and more.


Sound crazy?


Hear me out.


But first….I need to back up a bit.


The last couple of years, I’ve been trying to heal an ongoing physical challenge (ovarian cysts). I’ve been working it from every angle…diet, exercise, emotional healing, spiritual healing and so on.


In exploring what my reproductive system has been trying to tell me, I discovered some major areas where I wasn’t fully comfortable in my femininity. This was especially true when it came to embodying female power.


I could be soft, sweet, gentle, intuitive, seductive, chaotic, wild and more. And like most women, I’d learned how to meet certain goals through utilizing some of these energies.


But the one thing I really couldn’t stand up and BE was purely powerful – as a woman. To be powerful in a masculine way was comfortable. But feminine power is different…and mysterious.


For the first time in my life, I wanted to know it. Intimately.


So, I set a constellation on just that: discovering the power of the feminine.


Ask and You Receive


Quite unexpectedly, the constellation session went into a past life of mine and helped to heal a horrible experience (virgin sacrifice). The outcome was stunning – beautiful and transformative beyond words.


Stubborn physical symptoms have eased. My intuition levels have soared and I feel rooted in an undefinable strength. There’s a sense of wholeness, self-worth and flow in my body and life that weren’t there before.


Ripples of Healing


I was so moved by this experience, that I immediately offered a series of constellations for close women friends who also suspected that a past life may be hindering them from embodying and expressing their full power as women.


In a matter of days, over twenty women joined in this exploration of healing!


It was in these sessions that the wild cast of characters (mentioned above) emerged in the field. In their past lives, my friends had been killed for practicing “witchcraft,” been forced to marry someone they didn’t love, had lost their royal crown to a jealous mother, and so on. Parts of their souls were stuck in these old experiences, waiting literally lifetimes to be seen, acknowledged, protected, comforted, healed, set free…


After the sessions, there were amazing transformations. One woman found her voice and lost her fear of asserting herself. Another is no longer afraid of appearing “crazy,” an underlying terror that used to hold her back. Another woman redefined what she’s looking for in a partner – she decided that any new lover must be self-sufficient and support her freedom. Another is now able to enjoy dancing for the first time in her life (she hadn’t been able to “get out of her head” enough for it before). And another began finding it easy to care for her own needs after decades of putting others first.


Some of the exact feedback that came into my inbox was:

“Oh my goddess! Wow….”

“It’s like a cascade of a-ha’s.”

“I finally feel like I have a right to be powerful.”


Reclaiming the Feminine


Our work isn’t close to done. Past-life traumas can contribute to real-life challenges in the here and now:


~ Female health issues

~ Relationships with misogynistic men

~ A difficulty feeling safe or trusting others

~ Patterns of holding back and shutting ourselves down

~ Challenges with women friendships

….and so on.


I feel strongly moved to continue serving the Feminine by exploring these past-life constellations with more women. To that end, I’m offering greatly discounted sessions to the first 20 women who are interested.


[Constellations are an effective way to lovingly honor past events, and clear trauma and entanglements so that new, lighter experiences are possible.]


If you feel the remnants of past-life trauma may be holding you back or causing you stress, and if you would like to explore healing this through a constellation session (done in the same way as a family constellation), please send me a note and I’ll reserve a spot for you.


Here is what you can expect:

You and I will speak by phone to talk about your situation and what your heart is longing to let go of/receive through the session.

I will set the session here with my group of clear, loving and seasoned representatives.

Within 72 hours, you’ll receive a detailed overview via email of what transpired during your session.



I really look forward to supporting you in this sacred healing and evolution.


Please feel welcome to share this invitation.


Love, Lexi