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“As a result of Lexi’s work, resolution has come.”

Ali Shanti
Lawyer, Writer and
Business Visionary at

“Working with Lexi has transformed my life.”

James Twyman,
Bestselling Author,
Filmmaker and Spiritual
Peace Activist

“Every time I work with Lexi, my world shifts and changes in such gorgeous and gently radical ways. I love it, and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Aline Marie
Yoga Teacher Trainer

“I’ve experienced Lexi’s profoundly transformational work in my own life, and in the life of various family members. Therefore, I’ve often recommended her for my clients with astoundingly positive results. She’s a true healer whose integrity, care and experience help my clients to feel safe, and most importantly bring about vital shifts in their level of wellbeing and functioning. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Carla Savetsky, Holistic Health & Transformational Coach

Working with Lexi is a transformative experience. She is a grounded, wise and nurturing healer and I highly recommend her..”

Veronica Ferre, Set Designer and Art Director for Television

The seemingly magical shifts Lexi has triggered in my own consciousness, in my relationships, and even in the lives of those around me, have been astonishing. Her work has profoundly moved me. But don’t be fooled by her soft-spoken, gentle demeanor… because on a soul level, Lexi is a transformational powerhouse!

Rosemary R. ,Film Writer & Translator

“Lexi’s work as a guide and coach has touched me deeply. She creates a nurturing, grounded and compassionate field to help uncover the areas in ones life and consciousness that may be holding one back from living their full potential. Her guidance helped me to heal and transform in ways that have left me uplifted and inspired.”

Krista Holland, Founder of Yoga and Living Arts




“I was profoundly moved by Lexi’s wisdom and ability to hold a deep reverent field of listening awareness. Her integrity and passion to heal our history with the mystery is a beautiful thing to experience, participate in and witness. She holds a safe, grounded aware presence that is felt and deeply appreciated.”

Acacia Land, Intuitive Counselor and Heart Circle Facilitator

“Lexi creates a safe and sacred container…. With her facilitation, I had significant insights into how to create a harmonious relationship with my work. .”

Crystal Arnold, Founder of Money Metamorphosis


“Lexi’s work gets to the heart of the issues and addresses my soul’s journey like no other therapeutic modality. It has far-reaching impact on not just me, but for my children and loved ones, where I begin to see immediate results and also transformation over time. I’ve had the pleasure of receiving Lexi’s insight in constellations that have changed my life.”

Jenny Rayfield, Integrative Nutritional Coach and Dancer

“Working with Lexi has profoundly healed my life. I am amazed at the changes this work creates within my own psyche and emotional health, as well as in my primary familial relationships. There are significant shifts in my mother, daughter, and partner within days of a session with Lexi, and these people are not physically present for the session! I am deeply greatful to this magnificent work that Lexi shares with the world, and the tenderness and insight that Lexi has. Lexi holds such incredibly pure compassion and loving kindness for each of her clients, and I believe that the sanctuary she creates enables the incredible transformations that I have personally experienced. I recommend this work for anyone who has lineage trauma, difficulty in family dynamics, or is feeling stuck in their personal life. You will be amazed at the depth and breadth of healing, even with only one session.”

Paige Imbrogno, Co-founder of the Eco Summit
Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Lexi is always a powerful experience. She brings a wonderful combination of gentleness and deep intuition to her sessions. Her ability to create and hold sacred space allows me to relax completely, and I am always delighted to watch how the journey of each session unfolds. Thank you, Lexi. As always your integrity and heartfelt focus create powerful healing.”

Jenny Procter, Divine Feminine Coach, Clairvoyant & Reiki Master