When I was a girl, my family traveled a lot. Wherever we were, from Greece to The Bahamas, I’d spend hours alone swimming at the ocean. At some beaches, the water was clear and calm. At other places, it swirled wildly with huge waves.

I wasn’t afraid of anything! The sea was a wonderland to me.

But at some point, a troubling pattern developed at the beaches with big waves. The swells would pull me under and toss me around like a cat in a washing machine. Water and sand churning everywhere, my sense of direction was gone and it was hard to tell where to swim for air. I’d wash up on shore panicked and bawling, with salt water stinging my nose.

I can remember one particular day when this happened yet again. I was caught in the furious underbelly of a wave.

But this time instead of struggling to find my way….I just let go. I completely surrendered and let the water spin me as it would. Somehow I had the presence of mind to remember that a wave only lasts so long. If I softened my body, it would naturally float to the top.

Magic happened!

Instead of experiencing turmoil in the powerful tides…. This time, I felt completely safe and held by the buoyancy of the water.

From then on, whenever a wave would take me over, I’d just relax and enjoy the ride.

Life Is Always Making Waves

The last couple of months have reminded me of those days swimming as a young girl. It has been a wild time! Full of movement and change (which is why you haven’t heard from me in a while).

There’ve been challenges (like my web host server crashing and losing the entire website. Poof! Gone forever). There have been unexpected health concerns and increased needs from loved ones. And there’ve been exciting new beginnings (like my husband and I buying our first home together).

With so much going on, it’s been important to just let go. To allow anything not critical or relevant to the moment at hand, to simply slip through my fingers. To recognize that my time and my resources as a human being are limited.

As a result, an increased need for authenticity has emerged. Rather than getting caught in the wave of chaos (and other people’s agendas), I’ve been shifting focus to what’s happening inside, and have been softening to the buoyancy and character of my own soul.

With Change Comes Evolution

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll hear about some important developments in the way I’m working with people.

So many of us are part of creating a new paradigm in the world. Like the strong waves on those beaches, it feels as though we’re being pulled by the tide of something greater. Our souls are insisting that we live with greater authenticity, kindness, respect (for ourselves, for all of life), and prosperity – in our own hearts, families, communities and world.

The upcoming years of my life and work will be dedicated to being an in-the-trenches support for those of us who feel deeply aware of and moved by this evolutionary pull.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll stay tuned! And please feel free to reply to this message and fill me in on how your soul has been calling to you lately.

For now, enjoy the water you’re in! If it’s calm and clear, let yourself feel nourished by the easy grace. If it’s too rough, surrender. Take a moment for a time out – stop the struggle and just be still. The smoothest way out will become clear.