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Our earth is going through a time of deep transformation, and you can feel in your bones that you are a part of that.

You are committed to serving humanity’s highest expression in alignment with your soul. You are devoted to loving fiercely, to leading authentically and with heart.

Both personally and professionally (the two are so intertwined), you’re evolving to more fully embody sovereignty, peace, beauty, connection and intimacy, prosperity, creativity, vision, art.

As resistance or blocks arise, you know the universe is showing you your work…

It’s not just about positive thinking.
It’s about doing deep healing so that you can truly serve.

I have gone through this process myself many times and have supported hundreds of others through it as well. There is nothing I haven’t seen and there is nothing I believe can’t be moved through.

Come join me in a sacred space to unwind entanglements with the past, so you can be fully alive, fully on-purpose, and fully expressed in your potential.

There are two ways we can work together:

I invite you to check out which one calls to you the most and set up a time for us to speak.



6 Months. 19 sessions. A life-changing opportunity to explore your hidden world and thoroughly up-level a major area of your relationships, work and life.

Free Your Essential Self

We’ll begin by clarifying your intentions and creating a Genogram (family history chart) to map the extraordinary circumstances that have impacted you, your family and your ancestors. Then we integrate a combination of Family Constellation Therapy and Hakomi Therapy to lovingly go thread-by-thread through the tapestry of your current challenges and desires. With each session, we transform another burden from the past and enable it to become blessing of strength, wisdom and love. By the end of our journey, you have stronger roots and are able to embody a higher vision.


As a VIP client, you’ll get email access for whenever you feel stuck.

If it feels like a transformation is being called for, reach out and we’ll set up a time to speak!

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Spend two luxurious, transformational and holy, paradigm-shifting days embraced in the serene and charming beauty of Ashland, Oregon.

Deep Dive Weekend

You can feel a block, something outside of your everyday awareness that is preventing alignment and creating resistance – maybe people aren’t responding to your business offerings the way they once were, or you have a repetitive relationship challenge that keeps you out of harmony with your partner.

With the help of a skilled guide and a sacred, dedicated retreat space, you know you could uncover missing pieces and integrate shifts that would allow for positive movement.

Join me for two days to be held in a safe, loving, confidential container intentionally designed for big alchemy.


I book four of these retreats per year. If you’re excited about this opportunity for concentrated transformation, please reach out to me to learn more.

Let’s Connect


“My work with Lexi is always effective. She helps me get clear on what’s important to me, and then focuses all her attention, wisdom and skill on helping me to shift that area in positive ways.”

Cassandra Wass, Author and Spiritual Organizing Expert
Ashland, OR


“Every time I get this work done my world shifts and changes in such gorgeous and gently radical ways. I love it, and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Aline Marie, Yoga Teacher Trainer
Sandy Hook, CT