I truly know how frustrating it can be when you’ve done lots of personal work and still feel stuck in the same loop.


Don’t worry.


You’re not broken or defective, you’re not being punished, and you’re not destined to be stuck in this forever. Everything you’ve done up to this point has NOT been a waste.


Here’s why…


Each and every thread of the big life patterns you get stuck in have a distinct root cause. And there are essentially five main life areas where the root causes of ANY life pattern threads are going to come from.


If you’re still feeling stuck despite having done A LOT of personal work on your particular issue…


The only problem you’re likely still having is that the root causes of the remaining threads you need to work with actually lie in a different area than where you’ve been working.


That’s REALLY important, so I want to say it again:


The root causes of the pattern threads you’re still working with actually lie in a different area than where you’ve been working.

Here are the 5 areas where the root causes of any repetitive challenge will lie:


1. The first place that threads of a big life pattern can originate is in your CONSCIOUS MIND.

Working through things on this level requires self-inquiry and self-reflection. That includes journaling, talking with a therapist, doing Byron Katie’s The Work, and so on.


2. The second area is in your own NERVOUS SYSTEM AND OWN UNCONSCIOUS MIND. 

Most of us have old trauma and distress that we weren’t able to address properly and has gotten pushed down below our awareness. That continues to affect not only what we believe about ourselves deep down, but also our automatic response to the world and even the kind of energy we seem to illicit from others.

We need to address these dynamics very differently from the kind of talking or writing we would do when working with our conscious mind. For stress trapped in our nervous system or unconscious, we need to work with a skilled facilitator who practices a more somatic type approach like Hakomi Therapy or Somatic Experiencing.



You may unconsciously be carrying burdens for or be entangled with people in your family system – even those who came before you were born. The effects of these kinds of burdens or entanglements can impact everything from your sense of belonging in the world to how easy or difficult it is for you to earn money.

The best way I’ve found to address these dynamics is through Family Constellation Therapy with a skilled facilitator. (There are indigenous cultures who have powerful ways of working with ancestors as well, but I haven’t personally experienced this.)


4. The fourth place to look when you’re trying to get to the root of the next piece in your transformation puzzle is to a PAST LIFE.

I used to be unsure about my feelings on reincarnation until I witnessed and experienced the life-changing effects of resolving past life trauma.

From what I’ve seen and personally experienced, there is a definite correlation between some of the core difficulties we carry around in this life and significant trauma our souls experienced in another one.


5. And the last area to consider when looking for the root cause of your challenge is simply your CURRENT CAPACITY AND SKILL. 

Are you just at the limit of what you know how to do?

Sometimes the problem isn’t actually a big spiritual or emotional issue – sometimes you just need to just look at the challenges in front of you, and determine if you actually know how to carry out the real-world, 3-D tasks that would get you from where you are now to where you want to go.

For example, do you need to work with a really good business coach, communication expert or nutritionist – AND follow through on the assignments they give you? 


There you have it! The reason you’re still stuck despite your best efforts all these years is just because you haven’t yet gotten to the root cause of certain threads, which likely lie in one or more of the 5 areas I just described.

If you’re determined to make progress, make sure you’ve addressed ALL of these thoroughly – AND with the right support.

In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to dive more deeply into each area and make sure you have the information you need in order to find the right tools for you and move past the patterns that have you stuck.


If your wheels are turning now or you’ve gotten some new insights, please comment below and share your thoughts! I personally reply to all messages. 

If you’d prefer to see me describe this on video, you can see that here.