Are you ever astonished (and frustrated) to find yourself in the same kinds of scenarios…

…having the same discomforts you’ve had a hundred times before…

…even though you’ve already spent tons of time and resources working to make yourself better?


Maybe you’ve spent years – decades – doing everything from talk therapy to positive thinking to meditations to Reiki.


You’ve probably had some relief. Life has gotten better.

But here you are again, moving through a theme that’s all too familiar.



~ You’re still feeling unmet in love.

~ Given how hard you work, your business isn’t growing the way it should.

~ You’re still afraid to shine your light and stand in your full power.

~ You can’t seem to find your tribe, and it feels like you don’t belong anywhere.


THIS is your “one precious life.”

You’re beyond ready to be done with old karma and suffering.


It’s time for your soul to radiate the love you came here to share, for your relationships to be full of authentic connection and delight, for your ambition to pay off, and for your body to be vibrant!


Well, I want you to know a few things.


FIRST: Nothing you’ve done so far has been a waste. Often our patterns manifest out of a complex set of factors – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and so on.


It can take working on things from a few different angles before that final key opens the lock and frees you.


SECOND: Prayers are always answered. Don’t give up. We do not live in a static universe ~ everything is changing, all the time.


Allow yourself to pray for what you long for with your whole heart, and be willing to truly change in the process of having your dream come into form.


I have seen and experienced more miracles in my lifetime than I can count.


Barring acts of Fate, odds are in your favor that life will respond in ways that are more beautiful than what you would have imagined.


THIRD: Your unconscious is far more powerful than your conscious mind. (For some reason, this seems especially true for us deep, sensitive souls.)


There are many unseen forces in your unconscious field that are powerfully orchestrating your circumstances, relationships and personal experiences.


If you’ve been working mainly with your conscious mind – even when exploring spirituality or energy work, then you’ve been missing some very powerful influences that steer your everyday reality from behind the scenes. Some of these influences can come from past lives, ancestral burdens, and childhood traumas, to name a few.


When these aspects are thoroughly addressed, patterns effortlessly clear.


My Support for You


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be opening my calendar to help ten people who are determined to take a big leap this year and begin experiencing what they’ve been longing for. 


Is this you?


The purpose of these calls will be to help you explore your current struggle (or longing) through a different lens, and determine the most efficient, effective path to experiencing the ease and grace you deserve.


During our call, you’ll:

Uncover hidden patterns that have been sabotaging and obstructing your success.

Create a crystal clear vision for the life you really want to live.

Leave our session feeling inspired, supported and confident about your future.


If you’d like to apply for time with me, you can do that here.


Remember that there is a grace to who you are.


The movement of your spirit will always be towards growth, expansion and the embodied realization of your own divine magnificence. Let’s support that process in a loving, gentle, effective way.


I hope to hear from you soon!


Love, Lexi