Stop Relying on Your Willpower. Try This Instead!

If you’ve ever tried to break a bad habit or follow through on a life-changing new resolution, then you know what it's like to lose steam sometimes and fall short of your goals. We've all been there.   That second brownie, that gorgeous person who isn’t ready for a healthy relationship, those Netflix episodes late [...]

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Fulfill Your Purpose

I fully believe your soul is here for a reason.   Your unique gifts hold enormous value to others and to our world (especially at this potent time).   But, if you’ve been offering them from a place of overwork, overwhelm or underpayment, then your vitality has probably been waning and your impact fading.   [...]


Transmuting Old Strategies into New Gifts

When I was a young girl, I had lots of beautiful qualities, as we all do. I was independent, practical, thoughtful..…with a sensitive heart and a quiet nature.   The trouble was that so much about my organic way of being in the world seemed to either bore those around me or strongly agitate them. [...]


INVITATION: Embrace Success ~ Live Guided Meditation

I'd love to paint a picture for you and see if you can relate...   You feel a deep call to serve the world. You invest time, money, and your full heart into creating and sharing offerings that help others.   At first, it feels great! You’re enthusiastic about your soul's mission and see all [...]


3 Steps to Regain Your Power – Starting Now

No matter how masterful we may be in different areas of our lives, we all get knocked off our game sometimes.   It may be a difficult conversation with our partner, a conflict with a friend, a financial challenge at work. (Or, a volatile political climate.)   We get triggered and stop thinking clearly. We [...]


Big Changes: An Invitation to Alchemy

It's time to be wildly transparent. As you know, my intention was to write last week with details about the changes happening in my business. Once the writing began though, I knew I had to come from a really authentic (also, tender) place. It took time to tune in and write from the heart.... I [...]


with change comes evolution

When I was a girl, my family traveled a lot. Wherever we were, from Greece to The Bahamas, I’d spend hours alone swimming at the ocean. At some beaches, the water was clear and calm. At other places, it swirled wildly with huge waves. I wasn’t afraid of anything! The sea was a wonderland to [...]


Are you in good company? (Why it matters & how to be sure)

Talk to anyone who has achieved a great deal and they’ll remind you how critical it is to be selective about who you spend time with. I learned this myself (the hard way). Here’s my story — along with a few tips to help you determine whether someone’s good company or not. In my 20's, [...]


Do This the Next Time You Feel Needy

It used to scare me to feel needy – and especially to risk appearing that way to someone else. Maybe you can relate.... The man I was dating would express a need for space, and I'd pretend I was too cool to care. Or, a new girlfriend would blow me off for a lunch date, [...]


The secret ingredient to great and lasting love

So many of us deeply desire a committed, loving relationship, but we can also feel confused about how to make one last. Fortunately, there’s a key that’s not often discussed but has a huge impact on the long-term potential of every partnership. It’s the quality of respect. When relationships break down, you can bet the [...]