When I was 22 years old, my brother won $20,000 (not a typo) on a scratch ticket. And get this – the next week, he won another $500.
As exciting as this was, it was not totally unheard of in my family. I come from a line of gamblers – lucky ones at that.
Unfortunately for me, while I’ve got plenty of blessings and lots of grace, I somehow got skipped when Life was handing out the luck genes. My mom used to joke that I’d “always have to work hard” for my money.
In recent years, my interest in luck and good fortune has grown. Why do some people have it and others don’t? You can probably understand how stoked I was to discover that a colleague of mine, Flora Elmore has been studying the phenomenon of good luck for years – and, that she’s discovered a huge link between the energy of luck and our family lineages.
I asked Flora if she’d share some of her findings with our community, and she wrote this short article below. It’s an honor to share her discoveries with you, and I’d love to know your thoughts, so be sure to leave a comment!

Love, Lexi


How To Be Lucky ~ by Flora Elmore

I grew up in a family that had little superstitions about luck. For instance, my grandma would always walk around someone’s car counter clockwise before they left to give them luck on their travels. My mother and grandmother picked up every penny they found and would say, “This belongs to the blessings of the rainy day.” When someone passed away in the family, my grandma told me to always leave them a cup of coffee on their funeral day so they would share their luck with us.

What I didn’t know then was that my family were what you might call Luck Workers. They had the ability to perceive the energy of luck around people. Fortunately, they passed this gift on by teaching me little superstitions that had been passed down through our family line.

Once I figured out that my family was managing energy this way, and realized that luck is just another form of energy (like money or healing), a new world opened up and I got serious about studying it. I started interviewing other people who had family superstitions about luck and then started researching where those ideas came from and what made them important.

Over time I realized there were a few ideas that many families shared in common. Here are the main ones:
· Ancestors pass personality traits and luck energy onto babies while in the mother’s womb (from week one of conception to the quickening).
· A person’s luck is evident in the derma glyphs of their hands.
· A family’s good luck can be passed down from generation to generation. It’s anchored through superstitions, rituals that prevent a family’s accumulated luck energy from being lost.

Luck Before Birth

Once I started researching how to manage luck energy, I found myself always running into stories of how babies get their personality traits. Many of the stories are rooted in African and East Asian women’s mysteries and superstitions about having a lucky pregnancy. The common theme is that once a child is conceived, the ancestors from at least three generations stand around the mother while she is napping and they wish their best qualities into her belly. The wishes are believed to strengthen the amniotic sac, and once the sac is strong enough to hold all the personality traits they wish for the baby; the baby will start to quicken and kick. That is the moment when the golden thread of luck weaves a new pattern in the life of the family’s overall story. This time is considered one of the luckiest days of a mother’s life. She is encouraged to gamble, make plans and dream big on the day she first feels the baby kick.

If you have a pattern of bad luck or lack of opportunity, I encourage you to write out your birth story beginning with the story of your mother’s pregnancy experience. If your mom tells a story of fear or disbelief, then your luck could be blocked, and you may need to re-write your birth story with a positive tone. I’d also encourage you to go and ask each of your ancestors for the previous three generations (in person or in spirit) what personality strength or trait they left for you that you can weave into your luck. Listen for their answer – you might be pleasantly surprised by the answer you get.

Lines of Luck in the Hands

As my work continued, I noticed that I was running into people who did hand analysis. So, I started studying that area of sacred science and learned that a person’s fingerprints and the fine lines in their hands show up while they are still in their mother’s womb. The tiny lines appear within a few days of the quickening of the baby.

And once those lines are set in, there are multiple markers in a person’s hand that indicate how their luck will show up in life.

Over the last few years, I’ve been developing a method of hand analysis that helps me tap into the luck patterns of a person’s life, heal their ancestral luck patterns, and bank luck for them to pass on to their children and grandchildren.

Cultural Superstitions of Luck

From hanging horseshoes to picking up pennies, nearly every family has some kind of superstition about luck. I’ve actually learned to trace the heritage connections of people based on what they saw as children. For example, if they had a horseshoe hung like a cup above the door, then their family is likely southern Irish who settled in the Appalachian regions of the US. If women in the family wore white while they cooked for a funeral, they had ties to the eastern bloc countries of Europe and Russia. The list goes on. This information helps my clients reconnect with beliefs that are healing and helps anchor their energy into the present while tapping into their familial lineage and drawing energy from it that can help in trying times.

I’ve come to believe that superstitions are not frivolous beliefs based in fear of the unknown but actual energy management techniques to help families tap into a greater pool of energy.

Those beliefs, when acted upon out of knowing instead of blind faith, are powerful sacred practices that help strengthen the whole family in support of one another.

I once witnessed a family come together over who was going to place the lucky bet at the Kentucky Derby. It was a family tradition rooted in Roma family ties in the Welsh countryside. When the family drew straws to see who would be the Lucky Person to make a bet, they all celebrated and put pressure on that person to not lose their money. Once the bet was placed, the family came together like a reunion and sent a massive amount of energy into the lucky person who drew the straw. Of course, they won. The other thing that happened was that the person who placed the bet realized that they were loved more than they ever knew by their family. By everyone taking a chance to be the chosen, then sending good vibes to that person, it built that individual up when they needed it most. It was one of the most interesting observations of luck moving through a family through tradition that I have seen.

I would like to thank Lexi for letting me share my insights about luck and the connection to our ancestors. I know that she works with people to heal familial patterns and I find it relieving to know that it is affecting the positive outcomes in the luck energy of her clients.

I would like to invite you to connect with me through my blog and get my newsletter HERE. I would love to hear your luck story.

Best of Luck,

Flora Elmore