Sometimes a repetitive pattern from the past re-emerges with furious intensity.


A promising new relationship hits the rails, and you’re alone again before you know what happened. A colleague publicly throws you under the bus and puts your reputation at risk. Your ex takes you back to court and all your survival fears come up, leaving you too wired to sleep.


In cases like these, remember: NOTHING IS AS IT APPEARS.


As hard as it may be to do, if you take a step back, you’ll see larger life themes are playing out.


When it comes to what is yours to address in a situation like this, the drama and upset are not actually about the other people involved. They are about you and the lessons your soul is working through right now.


What is here for you to gain on your journey to mastery?


Look at the distressing scenario as a big spotlight illuminating the beliefs and fears that’ve been lurking in your shadows, playing puppet master with different areas of your life. These are places inside you that need your loving attention.


Why Drama Is a Good Thing (and What To Do About It)


A few years ago, I read an article by Caroline W. Casey, where she described something called the Sunset Effect. It made such an impact on me that I now recall it with relief and hope whenever a situation feels difficult and extra intense. (I also then quickly take the actions described below.) Often, within a day or two, there is a major shift in the way events unfold.


What Caroline said was this: “Right before a change, we encounter all our obstacles to that change. This is known as a ‘sunset effect’: as a pattern goes down, it glows most vividly.”


In other words, when drama ramps up to extreme levels, it’s likely an old pattern making its final stand before dying for good.


Here’s how you can ensure that’s true:


  1. Investigate the pattern. Give it your attention, rather than getting caught in the details of the current drama and people involved.


Ask yourself, What here is familiar? What beliefs do I have about myself or the world that are coming up right now?


If you have a hard time seeing things clearly, try writing about your frustration. Fill in some sentences that look like this:


“It seems like _________ always happens.”

“Nobody _________.”

“People are ___________.”

“I’m not _______________ enough.”

“I’m too _______________.”


What’s key is that you begin to identify some underlying beliefs that’ve become patterns or themes in your life.


  1. Next, actively work with each of the different threads (beliefs, feelings, etc.) – one at a time, until the knot of energy that’s been fueling the pattern disperses. With each thread you clear, relationships and circumstances will be freer to unfold in greater ease and love.


Here are some resources to help you do that.


Remember that whatever kind of unpleasant or frustrating situation rears its head in your life, it’s an opportunity FOR you. Don’t miss it by wasting the time blaming others or trying to fix things outside yourself.


This moment is a gift for you to reclaim your freedom, sovereignty and right to live in a loving and graceful reality.


Here’s to our ongoing evolution….

Love, Lexi


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