When it comes to being with a partner, how do you want to feel?


If you’re like me, you want to be with a man you respect and desire, who is also devoted to you.


You don’t want to play games, re-enact childhood dramas, feel weighted down, dim your light, squelch your power, or sacrifice one ounce of aliveness.


You do want to be yourself – authentic and ever-evolving, with a strong, committed partner by your side.


You want to feel safe, adored, free to speak your mind, inspired and sexy.


Well, I want you to know something:





Years ago (before marrying my husband), I wasn’t sure if it was possible for me.


I found myself in relationship after relationship playing out the same old patterns: being with partners who couldn’t commit or whom I didn’t respect, settling for unhealthy situations – or just plain settling.


After the initial thrill of chemistry wore off, I’d begin to realize I was playing a role that didn’t feel good (like “nag,” “jealous girlfriend” or “mom”).


I would see love and intimacy coming easily for other women – but for me it was exhausting and confusing, and somehow wound up making me feel more alone than when I was officially single.


It seemed I was never able to stop WORKING HARD IN LOVE.


Can you relate?


Maybe it feels like you’ve tried everything when it comes to relationships.

You’re frustrated because you know you’re an amazing person.


Maybe you’ve begun to wonder if it will ever be your turn, or if you’ll be alone (or stuck in a disappointing relationship) forever – and it feels like the years are passing faster than ever.


Here’s something I discovered that changed my life, and you should know it too:

Women who have great relationships are not any better looking, thinner, smarter, more interesting, more deserving, nicer, luckier, hotter in bed, or more put together than you are!

They are simply aligned in some key areas that make it easy to find harmony with a masculine partner. 


For example, these women are connected with their feminine energy in a particular way that enables them to both attract and receive a man’s love, devotion, support and partnership.


I would be delighted to share more with you about powerful hidden dynamics that impact our relationships – and how these might be affecting you personally.


For the next two weeks (ending December 12, 2017), I’m inviting women to book a free 45-Minute “Love Confidently” session with me. If you are committed to transforming your relationships with men so you can be your best self and have the partnership you want, click here to apply now.


During our session, we’ll be looking at:

~ What your biggest relationship priorities are

~ What may be keeping you from experiencing them

~ How to make time work on your side as you step forward creating what you really long for


I don’t often offer such long sessions free of charge and am not sure if/when I’ll make this offer again.


Apply here for a call with me, and let’s get your love life on track.


Yours, Lexi