Recently, I was featured as an expert in a Bustle article about fun ways to make your relationship stronger.


In it, I share a favorite game my husband and I play. It’s something you can do with your partner as well (or any loved one) while taking a walk together, sitting around the dinner table, on a road trip, or even waiting in line at the store.


The game is incredibly simple, but also rich and fun. It helps you get in touch with your own good feelings, while learning about your loved one(s) and building high vibes in the relationship.


Here is the game: Each person takes a turn saying one thing they’re grateful for.


That’s it! (You’ve probably done that before.) But here’s the trick: You don’t do this one time only.


You keep going, back and forth, 15 or more times (till something stops you or it just feels like a natural ending place).


Some expressions of gratitude might be deep, like, “I’m grateful that my stepson and I are getting closer.” Or they may be simple, like, “I’m grateful for the warm sun on my cheeks,” or “I’m grateful that strawberries are in season again.”


The only requirement is that your expressions of gratitude are authentic.


You’ll find that with each round, you both discover more and more that you’re thankful for. You’ll also notice that the air between you becomes charged with love and beauty.


Try it, and let me know how it goes! Not everyone will be up for playing along, but when you’re with someone who is, this game can become a true highlight of any day.


xo, Lexi