The last few weeks I’ve been talking about the 5 key areas to explore when you’re stuck in a frustrating life pattern.


Today, I’ll share in detail about the 3rd and 4th key areas.


Here is a quick recap of all 5:

1. Your conscious mind

2. Your nervous system and unconscious

3. The collective field of your immediate family and ancestry

4. Possible past lives

5. Your physical reality and level of practical skills


If you’ve been doing tons of personal work over the years, but aren’t making enough progress, then consider investing sincere attention to a different area than where you’ve already been working.




If you’ve ever had acupuncture, then you’re familiar with the idea that our physical body has a flow of energy.


When this energy flows in a balanced, consistent way, our body’s tissues and organs receive vital nourishment and remain healthy.


Well in my field of work, we see that there is a similar phenomenon happening with groups of people – and in particular, family systems – where there is also a flow of energy throughout the system.


All the individual members comprise one larger systemic organism, and the consistent, healthy flow of energy proceeds from the eldest ancestors all the way down to us and our children.


When that is unobstructed and balanced, each individual family member receives the love, support, power, life force, etc. they need.


BUT when someone in the family (who may be living or passed on) went through a trauma or had difficult fate, AND the people involved did NOT make peace with what happened, the flow of energy from them to their children, and on down the line, becomes disrupted.


Later generations can be left hungry for vital life force, or left to carry emotional burdens and unhealthy entanglements for their elders.


If you’re carrying a persistent big emotion like grief or anger that doesn’t resolve, or if you’re repeatedly caught in victim or perpetrator roles; or, if you just don’t have the vital energy you need in order to feel love, or be able to thrive in your finances or career….you’ll definitely want to do some work with your family and/or ancestral field.


The best tool I’ve found to clear deeper family and ancestral challenges is Family Constellation Therapy.

Here is a link to a video I made years ago that talks about the mechanics of the work in more detail.



I used to be unsure about my own feelings on reincarnation until I witnessed and experienced the life-changing effects of resolving past life trauma.


There are so many examples – from my own life and from my clients, where working in the area of past lives made a huge difference when nothing else was.


There was a couple I worked with, for instance, who were on the brink of breaking up. The woman was terrified of having children and the man really wanted a family.


One of our sessions went into a past life, and it seemed that the woman had lost a set of twins during this past life and almost died, herself from the difficult birth.


That trauma was still very alive in her soul field.


Working that through in our session, and helping her to get the soothing and closure she needed, freed her and enables her to feel much greater ease at the idea of starting a family.


The way I’ve found to be most consistently effective for bringing relief to past life trauma is the family constellation work I mentioned above. You’d use the same technique except you’d use it to address past life dynamics (instead of family and ancestral ones).


I hope this has been helpful for you! In a few days, I’ll be diving more deeply into the 5th and final key area that can set you free.

Please feel free to comment to share your thoughts or questions! I answer every one personally.

If you’d prefer to see me describe this on video, you can see that here.