The last few weeks I’ve been talking about the 5 key areas to explore when you’re stuck in an old life pattern or loop of experience.   Today, I’ll share in detail about the 5th and final one.


Here is a quick recap of all 5 key areas:

  1. Your conscious mind
  2. Your nervous system and unconscious
  3. The collective field of your immediate family and ancestry
  4. Possible past lives
  5. Your physical reality and level of practical skills


If you’ve been doing tons of personal work over the years, but aren’t making enough progress, then try placing sincere attention to a different area than where you’ve already been working.



I’d like to rename this key – the area of the mundane. (Thanks to my brilliant husband who suggested it last week.)


There are actually two different definitions of the word mundane. Most of us may think of the first one: mundane = boring, tiresome, etc.


But the second definition perfectly points to what I’m talking about in this 5th key area. The second definition of mundane is “of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one.”


And “this earthly world” can be overlooked by those of us on a spiritual path.


We can be so comfortable in the mystical realms and spaces of deep introspection, that we might shy away from – or totally forget to look – in this area of the mundane.


If you’ve already been investing loads of energy and resources into therapies and alternative modes of healing, and you STILL don’t have what you’re wanting, it may just be because:


  1. It’s time to get out there and do the practical things that will move the needle for you.


  1. You may simply need practical guidance from someone who has themselves mastered the area you’re trying to make progress in (fitness, finances, romance, business, etc.) – and then to follow through on what they tell you to do.


All action without reflection and inner work can be destructive and non-productive, BUT all introspection and inner work without action will leave you with very little to show for your efforts.


We need to marry the deep, transformational work with committed, real-world effort.


Let me give you a couple examples.

I have a longtime client who recently asked if we could do a session to clear the underlying cause of a financial challenge she was having.

The thing is, we’d already cleared a lot in the area of her finances.

When we spoke by phone, it turned out that her business was in the middle of launching a beautiful, amazing program. (She’s extremely gifted in her work, and her program would change lives!)

During our conversation, we both sensed that there wasn’t actually a financial block or pattern that needed immediate attention.

But rather, she just needed to recognize the potential she had with her program, and take action. So the next day, she began reaching out to potential students and wound up increasing enrollment enough that thousands more dollars flowed into her business.    


Here is another example:

One of my other clients, who had worked with me pretty intensely for six months, was starting to argue a lot with her new boyfriend.

As she shared with me details of the words they’d had that night, I felt like there was just a lot of miscommunication going on.

She’d say something like, “You didn’t tell me you’d be out late. Why didn’t you call?” And he’d reply with defensiveness and frustration at feeling criticized yet again. Things would escalate from there.

I referred my client to a video series that had helped me a lot with my husband.

It also turned out to be a big game-changer for my client.

She learned how to express her disappointment and worry in a way that was authentic and honest, while also being easy for her partner to hear and remain openhearted.

Since she’d already cleared a lot from her ancestry and from her childhood trauma, all my client needed at this moment was some simple tools to help her communicate more harmoniously.


Important Note:

If you feel fear, or blocks come up as you move towards doing the mundane things you know you must do (like hire a business coach, make sales calls, put yourself out there on a dating site, etc.), then it’s worth doing some therapy sessions to work through those fears. (Hakomi, EFT or Somatic Experiencing can be great for this.)


I hope this series has been helpful for you. Please let me know in the comments! I answer every one personally.


If you’d prefer to see me describe this all on video, you can see that here.